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 Introducing Marek Kando


Marek Kando was born in Slovakia. This jung pipe maker started to carve the brair smoking pipe on 2012 and in a professional way. Like most of the artisan, he had no personal mentor and teacher. What he gained in carving was basd on his experiences, great passion and his knowledge he obtained step by step and with his conversations with other pipe makers. 


Marek Kando had always a great passion to design and to carve the new things  . He was builging moleds, making things from wood and carving smoking pipes was another way, he could create. In his philosophy he does not like accents, he wants everything to be simple and in a natural way. For his style, he likes simplicity, so he always tries to reflect this idea in his smoking pipes, simplicity combined with elegance. And flow, flow is important. These are his mains in aesthetics of pipes.


Regarding to the material he is mostly using Greek, Spanish and Algerian briars, and for the mouthpiece he is using the acrylic and ebonite. His pipe production is low. He is carving around 50 pipes per year, so if you are the fan of his unique works please consider the Kando pipes which are offering in Pipesart.