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 Introducing Al Perkowski


Creative Briar Pipes was established in 1972. Al Perkowski purchased his first pipe in 1970, and as any pipe smoker knows, you need more than one pipe. he located a pipe shop that manufactured their own pipes, Malaga Pipes in Royal Oak Michigan. After talking to the owner Manny Khoubesser about pipe making, he purchased one of his pipes and mentioned to him he would like to try making a pipe for himself, that was the beginning of a great friendship.


After two years of questions that Manny was always willing to give him the time to answer, and a lot of plateau briar blocks, he began to acquire a sense of style and technique that produced a pipe that was appealing to the eye, and also enjoyable to smoke. It was then when he felt accomplished enough to manufacture his freehand pipes. He began selling pipes to friends and acquaintance. Soon after, he started to sell pipes to pipe shops in the area. He continued making freehand pipes for about ten years. As his family grew and his job as a wood model maker for the automotive industry required more of his time, he found less time to spend on pipe making. He eventually had to set his pipe business aside.


He is now retired as a wood model maker, and his three children are grown and on their own. He has found himself with all the time he need to devote to making freehand pipes, and he is enjoying it more than ever. As a professional model maker and carver, with 38 years experiences, he acquired an eye for summetry and a style flowing lines,  that he applies to his smoking pipes, creating a unique and artistic quality. His pipes are drilled on a fixture he developed to insure perfect alignment and accuracy on every pipe. His pipe making today is a true labor of love.