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 Introducing Petr Kucera


Petr Kucera (1958) was only seventeen when he bought his first pipe during the summer holiday and thereafter his destiny was determined. He has not left pipe since that time. Smoking pipes have accompanied him through his entire life.


After his 50th birthday his handicap not allows him working in his prime job. Because he smokes pipes since his 17th he decided met his dream – making own pipes. He has his workshop at village Voznice near Prague and hammers away the pipes. His teacher were first of all of course master Jan Kloucek and the next one Tomas Mahovsky. He makes the pipes only one year, however, they have great success because are really rare. He invented his own shapes and unique rustic "honeycomb" or "leopard". Recently he visited for the first time notorious Danish pipe shop in Copenhagen. He presented them his pipes very uncertainly. But for his astonishment they were delighted and took all his pipes on sale. So Petr is the first Czech pipe maker which gained the Mecca of the famous Danish pipe markers.