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About the Item



This Pickaxe-Bamboo pipe offers you just the flavor you need for your next smoke! It’s an elegant pipe with a decent sized bowl. Based on the shape and complexity you can easily understand how much Cherepanov put effort to produce it. The Bowl of the pipe has a nice "Arrow" which is actually the extension of briar in front together with Black Bamboo and reddish-black Cumberland.


This wonderful pipe offers the elegant shape mixed with partial bird-eye finish. It has some pretty nice lines of briar on the side of the Bowl as well. The Black Bamboo has not been stained. It is a beautiful piece of natural Black Bamboo, which is very hard and stable. It integrates to the Shank of the pipe in a perfect way and adds a great value to the shape. 


About the Artist

Andrey Cherepanov lives in Moscow, Russia. He starts carving smoking pipes at 2008 and coon his woks became one of the top quality product in Russia.  Since that time the artisan designed, carved and created alot of very interesting briar smoking pipes which already found their place all around the world. During these times he learn a lot from the mater of Russia his older brother  (Sergey) and now his works speak for themselves. Recently these two brother are carving the very high grade smoking pipes mostly with which amaze the minds and fascinated the eyes.