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About the Item




This Absolute work of art is a combination of gorgeous grain and almost unbelievably complex design, stands as nice testament to Andrey Savenko's dedication to his charming art. You probably saw Skull pipes by some other makers, but this work is some thing completely different. The way of carving, the design of Skull, color of finish and 2 Steel insertions on the Briar, make it absolutely unique.

If you look at care to this creation, you will understand how much the artisan is familiar with Anatomy of Human and Skull. He perfectly carved the shape of the Human Head with absolute attention into details. This is almost unbelievable to guess how he carved each part of this Skull pipe based on reality (Human Anatomy) and mix it with his own way of art to exhibit the charming, stunning and perfect smoking pipe. 

You can easily find the Frontal Bone, Parietal Bone, Occipiatl Bone (with a nice Arch shape at the back), Nasal Bone, Maxilla, Mandible, Lacrimal Bone, Malar Bone and even Ramus on this creation. For sure to carve this unique item, he carefully reviewed the Anatomy of Human Skull. Dazzling lines of grain radiate and fan out from the hard, curved edges on each Flank, lending to the complex composition a steady sense of motion and dexterity. In a clever way, he made up the Briar in a fascinating freehand style and the result comes up with the most three-dimensional structure of Skull smoking pipe, which you can ever imagine.

Interestingly, to magnify the impression of Skull he inserted 2 Steel hands made Insects on the Briar. The first is a hand made Spider with six Tarsus (legs) and 2 separate Carapase (body). He inserts the Spider in the Neck of the Skull. The other insertion is very interesting, as he did it masterfully inside the left eye. It is a hand made Steel Fly. The artisan even goes one step further and performed fine Dot Engraving on 2 wings of the Fly (Please check the picture with more care). 

All and all the result offers the stunning shape of Skull, which can be performed only by this Russian super carver. This beautiful art of work comes with a big leather pouch.


About the Artist


Andrey Savenko or so called SAVA was born in 1970 in the city named Orel, in Russia. He starts carving briar smoking pipes since 2009. Soon his perfect three-dimensional complex works become popular. He is deeply influenced by the nature and gets a lot of his brilliant ideas from it. Within the year 2009 and 2011 he designed and carved around 100 pipes. Soon he understands his talent in carving the pipes. He begins with drawing the shapes, makes the rough structure, evaluate his idea and finally transition to polish and uses wax to fix and gets the final result.


His creations do not show any path or direct line, he carves what he likes and based on his inspiration. However, nature is his master and most of his beautiful creations exhibit the essence of the nature. Just after 6 years carving the briar, his works get a specific style based on the complexity, creativity, and wonderful finish. With no doubt he carved some of the most complex, three-dimensional structure of freehands. His creations are mostly comes with fitting tamper and in this case make his work more and more unique. Moreover, his strong ability to work and form the horn, metal, and ivory gives him this chance to decorate some of his pipes with these luxury components.


Most of his works express the absolute attention in details with the great shape and stunning finish. You definitely find all of his work at the first glance a kind of mind-blowing creations. Anybody who appreciates the beauty of the smoking pipe admits his perfect work. Here, we offer you some of the best works by this Russian genius pipe maker. We are sure that the variety of his works can satisfy almost all of pipe maker's taste.