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This American freehand style is made of a big block of briar. The pipe exhibits nice harmony and contrast of color and shape. Beautiful symmetry between smooth and sandblast finishes is almost visible all around the pipe. Masterful manner of briar carving together with nice finishes add high value into this freehand. This pipe comes with its own pouch. 


About the Artist


Andrzej Piontek is the pipe maker from Poland. He was the chief officer of Education Department in local government. He was also the owner of the furniture making company during the last 10 years. After a long pause, his love and great passion for carving the wood bring him back to the smoking pipe world to discover his new ability and imagination power forming the briar.  It was on 2008 when he made his first smoking pipe and then the next one and so on. All in all he became a full time pipe maker on 2013. He makes his pipes from the best quality briar from Liguria (Italy) from briar cutter Mimmo. In the case of the mouthpiece he is using ebonite (black or cumberland), and sometimes lucite. Using some additional decoration he make his pipes very interesting; materials as bamboo, horn exotic woods and so on. Andrzej Piontek usually makes pipes without filter. All his products are signed with MIMOTO logo ("mimo to" means "nonetheless").