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About the Item




This exotic Acorn pipe is obviously presenting three major elements; wise-design, masterful carving and beautiful composition of colors. The pipe is made of briar, bamboo and morta ring. The Tobacco Chamber exhibits the shape of the pyramid and offers pretty tight lines of briar. Dark brown bamboo of the pipe makes a nice harmony with a nature texture of morta ring around the Tobacco Bowl. The elegant style of this Facted Acorn pipe is the result of the harmony in shape and beautiful composition of colors.   


About the Artist


Antonio Monteiro was born born at 1961 in Angola (Luanda). This Portuguese artist starts making pipes in 2007. His pipes production dose not exceeds 40-50 per year as he fully pays attention to his artworks and the quality of his pipes. This artisan is following his intuition and his strong imagination to creates some elegant and yet vey practical smoking pipes. The way he stains and finishes his pipes is somehow unique as he follows his own way in this case to make the very glassy finish.


He never carve a pipe based on the ready made sketches, he starts with a basic idea and then carves the briar based on his passion and great imagination and that is the reason all of his pipes are unique. He is using the Italian briar (mimmo) and in the case of mouthpiece he is using German Vulcanite and sometimes cumberland. If you are the fan of the elegant and luxury style of smoking pipes, then you may consider the beautiful production of this artisan.