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Price: € 500
HJ-45-001 HJ-45-001 HJ-45-001 HJ-45-001 HJ-45-001 HJ-45-001 HJ-45-001 HJ-45-001 HJ-45-001
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About the Item




This high-grade Horn smoking pipe exhibits tight-lines of briar on the sides and pretty charming bird-eye patterns on the Foot and Shank areas. This Luxury kit includes:


- Horn Smoking Pipe

- Tamper

- Pipe Stand

- Original Box and Pouch

- Original Pipe Flyer


About the Artist


The first passion this Italian artisan developed was the woodwork: his neighbor was a pattern maker, built ships, watches and more, all in wood. Often frequented his house and since an early age he started to handle small tablets of plywood to build boxes, since then to arrive, with the passing of years, to build entire furniture. Once grown began to have interest in pipe and cigars, until, at 16, he bought his first pipe, a Canadian Brebbia. The pipemaking was the natural fusion of these two passions: it was the summer of 2006, on vacation in Bari, his hometown, and during an afternoon smoke with his brother Marco, talking about this and that, he asked him: "but you'd be able to make a pipe? ". That question was begin! So he bought a predrilled block of briar and started to carve a pipe. Soon after he bought the briar from Manno (Toscana), and tried to do everything by himself. Needless to say, the first attempts were disastrous ... but he does not lose heart and persevered.


In December 2013 he attended a course with Bertram Safferling in his Atelier in Egna, wonderful experience, an excellent teacher as well as a wonderful person. Since that time he has used every spare moment he had to pipemaking! "Mine is a small box / workshop at my home in Brescia, which I slowly equipped ad hoc. Now, my supplier are Mimmo Romeo (Liguria) and Manno (Toscana) for Briar", he said.


In he case of carving, first he tries to achieve "good smoking pipe," which is technically well built with high quality materials: the main purpose of a smoking pipe is that it has to smoke very good. Within the limits his experience and ability, even to make the "beautiful pipe", because it is true that: "you eat with your eyes too. I'm in love of the classics, I love English style pipe, and then most of my study is based on Dunhill, but sometimes I give myself small parenthesis free. I think the classic shape is the best school, because it does not admit mistakes, and having no great leeway you are forced to seek the greatest possible precision'. he said.