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About the Artist

Zbigniew Bednarczyk was born 1965 in Poland. The pipe brings into his life historical, sociological and artistic values. It enables him to enjoy his creativity and make cool friendships with other pipe makers.Everything started with Adam and Eve …  well, a bit later, that is in 1948 started the history of the firm called ‘Mr. Bróg’s Pipe Workshop’ which I own nowadays. His lifelong adventure with the pipe started in 1991 when he began cooperation with master Kazimiez Róg. It was Mr. Róg who showed him the ropes of the trade. Next, he acquired more polish in contacts with other masters from Przemyśl – the city of pipes. He produced his masterpiece pipe in Mieczyslaw Walat’s workshop and the astisan obtained master craftsman’s in pipe trade. Nowadays, international meetings of pipe makers provide excellent opportunities to improve his skills. "It’s a kind of workshop where I can confront my works and skills. I learnt a lot from Luiggio Grungnoli, friends call him GIGI, Domenico Romeo, called MIMMO, Rolando Negoity from the USA and Luiggio Vipratio from Italy. My great credit goes to Tedd Knudsen and Tom Eltang from Denmark" the artisan said.


The greatest passion of his life is designing and producing original pipes called ‘autographs’, but he is also a painter, woodcarver and producer of rustic furniture. To produce ‘autographs’ he uses the highest quality briar which he choose himself from Italian briar-cutter.