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About the Item


Very limited number of pipe makers are able to carve and finish the briar in the fantastic way as Daniel Mustran can. It is some how interesting how he could acquire this ability, as Croatia has not so much pipe makers. In this case, his philosophies and principles are unique in the world of briar carving. 

Back to the item, one more time he designed and carved another surprising beauty. This time his creation is some thing far away from the daily and classic view of shapes. You can simply find his great inspiration, feeling and a lot of energy he put on this pipe. At first glance, this unique pipe impresses the eyes with its abnormal shape, structure, color and the way of finsh. Perfect grain of the briar, artisan  cleverly, chosed the color and finish of the pipe (both smooth and rusticated) fitting with it. In spite of the pips' shape it has the perfect balance and the result, simply shows surprising pipe by this Artisan. Great attention to detail, method of rustication and technique of finish (solid black) all and all emphasize the stunning pattern of briar. Although the structure of the pipe is quite new, Mustran designed and shaped it in the practical way.  

Design of the Shank, Heel and Bowl of the pipe make it very easy to hold and smoke. Moreover, the briar extension from the Heel of the pipe, which ends by black acrylic cylinder (and it is new by this artisan), make the beautiful arch in Front of the pipe and it makes it absolute Freehand while holding in hand.    

Daniel Mustran mostly inserts several inlay rings in his work, and in this case it also could consider as a Signature for this artisan. This creation has 5 different inlay rings including: acrylic, olive wood. Interestingly the mouthpiece has one Paduak insertion which bring the perfect contrast with the color of olive wood, green finish and black rusticated method.

No doubt here, as this piece has strong characteristics to put the old classic shapes aside and let the new Freehand generations play the main role in the future. Daniel Mustran pipes rarely ever make it to the site, so if you're the fan of his pipes, consider this as one of your best option.


About the Artist


Daniel Mustran was born in Germany in 1975. A year or so, after he was born, his parents moved to Croatia where he is living since. He has a degree in electronic engineering and he is currently working in transformer station maintenance. For years he was interested in Hi-Fi electronics especially tube electronics and he is specialized in audio amplifiers – developing them from scratch into fine pieces of equipment that are able to produce “music” with emotion and accuracy.


During his whole life, from the time he can remember, he was fascinated with pipes and people smoking them. From time to time, he has been fortunate enough to get the chance to talk with guys that were smoking them. He liked it a lot – the smoke, the “ritual” wrapped around it, everything. But, what he liked the most was the sense of peace those guys had while smoking those beautiful pieces of functional art. As this is what pipes truly are.


He started making pipes in spring 2010 and finished first one on Aug 13th. Since this time he carved alot of wonderful and interesting piece of arts. His ability developed very fast in a way that just after 3 years all of his pipes speak for themselves. With enormous success, Daniel has produced a handful of freehand shapes with different concept and dynamic. He mostly inserts several inlay rings in his work, In this case this also could consider as a signature for this artisan.

Here you will find some of his finest art craft with great attention to the grain and finish.  Looking to his creations, you can be easily able to feel the amount of energy and joy invested while making them.