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About the Item




You are seeing one interesting creation by Russian master Ulitin. Recently he is developing his ability to carve some very beautiful Calabash smoking pipes integrated with some classic elements. The result is some thing very artistic and yet fully practical. This sculptural Double Horn pipe composed of two separate horn shapes which are linked together. The vertical horn is actually the Bowl Chamber and the horizontal one is the air chamber. The whole structure is very well-designed, professionally stained and perfectly finished. The Double Horn offers very tight-lines of briar textures on the Bowl sides, and pretty beautiful bird-eyes finish on the Foot and Shank area. This quite new and interesting shape of Double Horn pipe by this artisan can be highly appreciated by the smokers who admire the combination of Horn and Calabash system.


About the Artist


Alexandr Ulitin was born on Sahalin island in december 1963, Russia. He is a therapeutist and public health manager. He started to smoke the pipe at 1982. Like most of the pipe makers, after smoking a while, de decided to make his own handmade pipe. Therefore, he ordered 10 blockes of briar and starts to make his own hand made pipes. At the beginning it was just a hobby, but it was just a start and he could not stop making the pipe. Soon, he started to design and carve smoking pipes in a professional way. His production in very very low, only 5 to 10 pipes per year. He is using the high quality briar for his pipes, and also some times Morta and Madrona.