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Price: € 550
HJ-37-004 HJ-37-004 HJ-37-004 HJ-37-004 HJ-37-004 HJ-37-004
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About the Item




This Stunning smoking pipe includes:


- Smooth Freehand Smoking Pipe

- Original Pouch


About the Artist


Artem Shcherbak was born in Kyiv, Ukraine in 1975. Like most of the pipe makers, the beauty of smoking pipe fascinated him. As he had been smoking a pipe for some years, one day he decided to make his own handmade pipe. He made his first pipe in 2010 and of course it was just a hobby for him. Soon he understands that he has a good ability and great passion to carve the pipes. He started carving pipes from some of his close friends, and then he began to experiment different shape forming, engineering different system and use different material to design smoking pipes. Soon his hobby became a profession. Now he is making the professional pipes using Morta and Italian Olive Wood and Italian briar. In the case of mouthpiece, he is using German ebonite.