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About the Artist


Alexander Saharov was born in 1963 in Leningrad. He graduated from the Medical Institute. When he was a student he began to study the restoration of furniture and drawing. This was his hobby. He also started his experiments in pipe making because the aesthetics of pipe smoking interested him since childhood, and in those days pipes for sale were scarce. He only seriously began pipe production recently, when both information and materials became accessible in Russia.


All pipes are completely hand made. Machine tools are only used for drilling and slitting the mouthpieces. He dose not use any templates; therefore the duplication of shapes does not occur. He thinks that the nonrepeatability of shapes is one of the key advantages of hand made pipes. You can be assured that you will never meet someone else with the same pipe made by him. The similarities will only be in the shape, but the versions of form, size and finishing will be different.


He proceed from the fact that the pipe, first of all, is a smoker's tool; therefore he pays much attention to the things that are important to him as a smoker: to the quality of briar, to the absence of defects in the tobacco chamber, the polishing of the bowl, the correct drilling, to comfort of the mouthpiece. Each pipe passes the pipe cleaner test. Finish is traditional - buffing, polishing and carnauba wax. He dose not use varnish.


The pipes are made from Corsican and Algerian briar, which are considered by the experts to be the best. Materials for the mouthpieces come from Italy and Germany. The Teflon tenons, which ensure the ease of dismantling and assembling without the risk of damage, are installed on the majority of mouthpieces.