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About the Item




Your are seeing one surprising item from the Ukranian artisan Valeriy Ryzhenko. The Manta pipe is designed based on he shape of the "Manta". The word "Manta" comes from the Spanish for shawl and in the Maldivian language Mantas are known as En Madi, which in english means "small fish eating ray". The Manta ray is a large species of flattened fish, closely related to other cartilaginous fish such as sharks. The Manta ray is the largest species of ray in the world with some manta ray individuals reaching up to 9 meters wide.


With this background we look agin to this creation. The artisan perfectly shaped the briar to form the Manta. You can easily find the Mouth, tail, Dorsal Fin, Pectoral fin and even Gills. Although this creation exhibits the exotic shape, its actually very practical. The pipe can be placed in both hand easily. Harmony in shape and color, size and form is obvious all over this item.


The tamper exhibits the very detailed shape of a fish and made of brass and briar. Based on the size of the tamper, we must say, artisan performed the very intensive work of carving. Even the pipe stand reflects the shape of one Gill of this animal. The stand in made of Bamboo and leather.  


About the Artist


Valeriy Ryzhenko was born 1964 in Kiev, Ukrain. His grandfather who manufactured the musical instruments showed him how to love the wood and work with it. Valeriy made a wooden bicycle for himself when he was only a child. Later he learned more techniques from his father how to work with woods. He started makeing smoking pipes by the early of 1994. At first he starts to repair the existing pipes, making pipes for the friends and so on, and finally in 2002 he made his first self-taught smoking pipe.


Soon his inspiration grows and he not only carves the smoking pipes but also to create the tampers and cigarette mouthpieces in 2003. He was lucky attending to Kiev pipe smoking club, where he saw the work of other professional pipe makers and start to re-think about his way of carving. His first works were influenced by the his vision to manufacture of Bill Ashton Tayler, Luigi Viprati, Hans Nielsen and Tom Eltang.


Regarding the material he is using mostly the Italian briar and German ebonite for the mouthpieces. Now after 12 years of pipe carving experiences, his works standing in the high quality, new inspiration and ideas and wonderful finish among the pipe makers in the world.