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About the Item



About the Artist


Darko Milovanović is from Cacak, Serbia, 36 years old. On 2011, for the first time,  he was introduced to the world of smoking pipes. he officially started to manufacture his own pipes by the first of 2012. He was starting to think that he is able to manufacture his own smoking pipes, after successful restoration of few old ones.

Making the first pipe was a tough job as Serbia has not so much pipemakers, so he had no one to teach him. Since he was without any experience with wood processing or use of the most basic of tools, he was learning how to make a smoking pipe and how to use the tools at the same time. Correspondence with several pipemakers from neighboring countries was very helpful, Abi Natur - Canaan pipes, Domagoj Telisman - Dotter pipes , Daniel Mustran -ND pipes, Davorin - DMP , generously shared with him their knowledge and experience. After he made his first pipe he could not stop himself and then came second and third and so on. "My love of the craft was getting bigger" he said.

He gaves the first smoking pipes he made on his own as a gift to his friends pipesmokers, but soon the interest in his pipes increased. His pipes are made of different materials, morta (bog oak) that he can find in Serbia, briar and olives from Italy, wild cherry, etc.. Ebonite and acrylic rods for mouthpieces he is buying from Germany. All of his pipes are produced completely by hand using the most basic tools, and the shape of a pipe is the current inspiration and is influenced  by the very structure of the material from which it is made.