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About the Item




You are seeing one beautiful work of the Russian artisan Sibiryatkin. One interesting point about this Nautilus kit is the combination of the colors and shapes. This elegant pipe is simple and yet very practical. The Nautilus pipe places at the top of the bamboo-brich stand. 


ATTENTION: the morta texture of the Nautilus has one superficial crack which dose not affect the smoking efficiency.


About the Artist

Anatoly Sibiryatkin was born February 12, 1956 in the smal village named Kurmenty on the shore of the lake Lssyk-Kul. He starts making professional smoking pipes in March 2014. His production is very low (only 2 pipes per month). "Working with briar is not only a hobby for me, its relaxing and makes me calm" the artisan said.  He is using the high quality mediterranean briar roots and in the case of the mouthpiece he uses German ebonite.