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About the Artist


We will start with a question, that appeals to be very common here: Why Georgi Todorov is making pipes? Many people have asked him this, and here the answer goes: pipe making focuses best all his skills, knowledge, understanding about art and creativity, in one for him - the pipes.


His goal is to make unique pipes at affordable prices, though the pipe smokers are humans too. During the years of pipe making he has passed trough many difficult situations, as we have no tradition in pipe making here in Bulgaria, and his goal is to be able to make better pipes as long as possible in a future too.


For the years of pipe making experience he has developed some design lines of pipes, both clasical and freehand style, as well as Calabash Inside system development. Each line carries curtain characteristics, but the thing that unites them all is the high level of craftsmanship and piece of his heart and soul in very every pipe you will see. 



1985 – 1990 – College of fine arts and design, Kazanlak – Industrial design profile

1990 – 1995 – Academy of fine and aplied arts, Sofia – Industrial design profile

1993  1998 – He was working as graphic designer for different advertising agencies as well

1999 – present – Full time pipe maker with short break between 2007 – 2009