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Price: € 380
HJ-105-002 HJ-105-002 HJ-105-002 HJ-105-002 HJ-105-002 HJ-105-002 HJ-105-002 HJ-105-002
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About the Item



About the Artist


His passion for wood working started when he was just a child. At that time, he used to spend a lot of time in the workshop of his grandfather, trying to get something out from the pieces of wood that he cut for him (his grandfather was a carpenter and then became a lutist and sculptor once he retired).


He has always loved manual works and has experienced many different arts during his life, like painting, playing music and wood carving. "I discovered the smoking pipe's world in the 2014, when a friend of mine introduce me to it. Just few months later,  it became natural start carving my first pipes and I soon felt in love with this "work", that is actually more like a pleasant game for me. When I've seen for the first time, the works of pipe makers like Victor Yashtylov, Kent Rasmussen, Tom Eltang, Eder Mathias, Gamboni and many others, I've found out that pipe making may be something more than an handicraft work. I've discovered that with creativity, skills, by designing and carving harmonious shapes that highlight the beauty of the briar, a pipe can became something very close to a piece of art. That made everything much more interesting to me" the artisan said.


His current production is about 80 pipes per year, all completely handmade with rasps, files, sand paper, dremelI and a small lathe that he uses for the pipe stems only, that he works from rod of ebonite. Most of them are made with smooth finish, but he also make some sandblasted and few rusticated. He uses the best quality of briar (only plateaux and ebouchon extra extra quality) stored in his workshop for about 2 years before using it. He is using the briar from Calabria and Tuscany. In the case of mouthpiece, he is using the German ebonite.