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About the Item



About the Artist


Desislav Gechev was born in Ruse (Bulgaria) in 1972. He graduated high school with a degree in "woodcarving" in 1991. In 2000 years he graduated from the University of Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria) with a degree in "Graphics". During 2002-2003 he started his first attempts at making pipes. He experimented with different breeds of wood- cherry, beech, oak and especially pear.


In 2008 he started working only with Briar wood. He likes classical forms of fmoking pipes, but also sometimes he carves sculptural pipes with its own unique face. In this endeavor are helping him knowledge of carving combined with lessons learned in sculpture. He is currently assistant-professor of Drawing at the University of Ruse.


Below you will find his Honors and Awards:


1999: Prize for Graphic art of Veliko Turnovo University

- 2006: Award of Regional Library “Liuben Karavelov” from International Exlibris Competition “E/A Book Rousse -2006”, Bulgaria

- 2008: Second place of International Exlibris Competition “Biblioteca Bodio Lomnago”, Italy

- 2008: Special Mention of International Exlibris Competition”University and Freedom”-Insubria, Italy

- 2011: Participant Award from Erotic Exlibris Exhibition Beijing , China

- 2011: The Best Performed Artist Award in the  7th International Exlibris Competition “Danube-The River of Europe”,Ruse , Bulgaria

- 2011: Belgrade Ex Libris Society Award in “The Balkankult Fondation” international exlibris competition on the subject of “Danube-route of Culture

- 2011: Prize for Graphic work in  3-th MiniArt Bienial , Ruse-2011

- 2011: Diplom from 17-th International Exlibris Bienial, Vilnius, Lithuania

- 2011: Special mention of the Jury in 6 International Exlibris Competition”Biblioteca Bodio Lomnago”, Italy

- 2012: Certificate of Honor  of International Exlibris Competition of Hacettepe Univercity-Ankara, Turkey

- 2012: Winner of the Grand Prix of first edition of the "International Ex Libris exhibition Skopje 2012

- 2012: Second place of Beijing 3nd International  Ex libris Exhibition 

- 2013: The Excellent Prize from 7th International Fu Xian Zhai Exlibris Invitational Exhibition 2013 ,Shanghai-China

- 2013: Lyuben Karavelov” Regional Library’s Prize in the 9 Exlibris International Competition , Ruse 2013