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Fabrizio Romeo, pipemaker, now represents the third generation of a family history in the field of briar pipes. Fabrizio manages, in Reggio Calabria (ITALY) the company given to him by his father Sebastiano. Raised in direct contact with the world of the briar he has learned to recognize the wood and the finest cuts of heather so as to occupy a place in the top of the international market in the sector. "The secret of a good pipe - says the craftsman Fabrizio Romeo - is the raw material. The briar tree found only in the Mediterranean basin and the Calabrese is the best in the world.


The totally handmade product of Fabrizio, in addition to traditional supports a wide variety of pipe collection. Everything is divided into four different grading: flames, bird's eye, sandblasted, rusticated . The production, being totally "Handmade", is limited and each piece of pipe is unique. "The time to make a pipe can not be predicted before, I have always safeguarded the quality rather than quantity and this is, I think, that is appreciated by my fans. "The work of the master Fabrizio Romeo is an Italian excellence in the world.