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HJ-108-002 HJ-108-002 HJ-108-002 HJ-108-002 HJ-108-002 HJ-108-002
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About the Artist


Gold Pipe creations are a collaboration of three artisan; Artur Miciak, Pawe Kulan and Mariusz Wawrzkowicz. The beginning of the Przemyśl smoking industry goes back to the 1870s. In Przemyl, as we know, the history of the Polish pipe began. These three pipe makers are the originators and creators of the Golden pipe workshop which is created in 2013 and although the metric is short in comparison with other companies of this type, they have more than twenty years experience in working with pipes.


They created the whole laboratories by themselves from scratch, to final creation. They combine the old methods and techniques with a bit more recent technology, creating all the necessary equipment and machines and they own models of pipes, but at the same time they have remained faithful to traditional art, because they want each object created by them at the recipient to make an exceptional and original impression.