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About the Artist


Marek Cikl (1974) is a pipemaker based in Brno, Czech Republic. During his childhood he was watching both his grandad and dad making various DIY projects such as producing items of applied arts or refurbishing flats and houses. His dad, being an architect, also taught him that a good planning was an essential part of the project. Later Marek started setting up his own projects such as restoring antiques (cane weaving of furniture) or designing stained glass objects.


Marek made his first contact with pipe smoking like many others - through older members of his family. His first more serious attempt at pipe smoking came in his mid-twenties but a true passion came ten years later. That was also a time when Marek started making his own pipes.


Marek started making pipes with a very limited means and in a self-taught way. It is currently his only income and it will most likely remain this way until he finishes his studies at the university. His pipes come in smooth, sandblasted and rusticated finishes. Mostly Italian briar blocks and acrylic rods are used but ebonite is also used for pipes of higher grades. He makes pipes under the name of "McIKL".