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Price: € 600
HJ-85-010 HJ-85-010 HJ-85-010 HJ-85-010 HJ-85-010 HJ-85-010 HJ-85-010 HJ-85-010
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About the Item




You are seeing another surprising creation form the Ukrainian artisan Leontev. The interesting pipe kits represents the shape of the submarine with Reverse Calabash System inside. It offers pretty nice dazzling line of briar. With the measurement of the TobaccoBowl, we can say this stunning pipe is suitable for the professional smokers.  This unique smoking pipe kit includes:


- Smooth Freehand Smoking Pipe

- Pipe stand

- Tamper

- Original Pouch

About the Artist


Mihail Leontev was born in in the north of Russia, in Karelia. He has several positions;teacher of Russian literature, Manager and he recently become the director of the largest Plant of Building material which is the largest organization in Europe. But for the love of tobacco pipes, he decided to leave his career and to focus on creating of smoking pipes. He carved his first pipe when he was only 12 years. He has seen enough movies about Sherlock Holmes and wanted to do the same pipe. After that many years have passed, but the love and passion of pipe was always with him. And finally about 20 years ago he decided to collect the smoking pipes. 


At the age 27, he met his future wife. And when she found out about his hobby, she suggested him to build and organize an an amateur pipe club. It was 10 years ago, when Mihail and his wife have created a club in Donetsk and after that he decided to carve the pipes by himself professionally. He carved some beautiful pipes for the first 5 years but because of the war, he could not follow his passion. But now, he is carving the pipes from morning to evening and he enjoys it.