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About the Item



About the Artist


Uwe Maier (born in Germany) ventured into to pipe smoking as a young man during his time at sea when he was traveling the world for several years on the last German Training ship in service. Like the other young sailor, his budget only allowed him to enjoy his tobacco with modestly affordable pieces of briar. Finally his great passion for tobacco and smoking pipe redirected him to the new way of life; to be a pipe maker.


As a pipe maker, he find many of the standard shapes very industrial and therefore, he focus on his own works that exude his own individuality and some other arts with extra and special appealing. At the beginning, his desire to design his own interpretations was hindered some how by himself; lack of self confidence to trust in his unfound skills. But slowly, he acquired a lot of good experiences with carving, designing and finishing-pipe after pipe.


He has never worked on a prefabricated shape, as he wants to be a free artisan. All of his pipes is created based on his passion and his strong imagination at the time of carving. "The charm of pipe making allows me satisfy high quality technical construction without restricting my creations to any particular shape; allowing individualism to run wild regarding shape and finish. First and foremost I make pipes for myself as a means of creative release from my day job; while exploring a multitude of open minded shapes. I find special and explicit design wishes restrictive that remove the individuality and charm I focus on instilling in each creation I make" the artisan said.