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Price: € 490
HJ-80-003 HJ-80-003 HJ-80-003 HJ-80-003 HJ-80-003 HJ-80-003
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About the Item



About the Artist


Jan Szymon Gołowacz lives in Warsaw, Poland. In the beginning he has occasionally making pipes from a hobby blocks, or the oak wood, he has also made successful attempts of transforming the old pipes. Since October 2011 he took it seriously and so far he carve some hundreds of intersting freehand pipes. Long times ago, he was fascinated by briar. The beauty of the grain, artistic freedom it offers, open new opportunities to satisfy the creating needs. So, he was starting to make his own pipes, to give vent to his inner unrest. Like most of the pipe makers he did alot of mistake at first, but step by step he learnt from his mistakes. "This is one way of expressing myself, One thing is certain; I will always be creating, because it's my way of life. Is it always will be pipes? Certainly not only, but I want to do a lot of pipes, and it surely they will be better and better in times to come." he said. He was his own teacher and now after some years of good experineces his pipe are signed as JSG with a good quality and mostly stunning form of freehand. If you are the fan of freehand please take a look to what we offer from this polish pipe maker.