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About the Item


If you are looking for a small, light and elegant pipe, then this Ukulele by Charl Goussard is your pipe. Recently, there is a huge interest of the very rear shape Ukelele. Inspite of the perfect form of the pipe, grading of this item is remarkable. Plesae take a look one more time to the pictures to check the tight lines of briar in both sides of Bowl and wonderful bird eye pattern on the Bowl face and in Shank area. Well-designed structure togethr with the bright finish make the Ukulele very natural. Regarding the size and the volume of the Chamber we have to say this pipe can be more appreciated by the light puffers.


About the Artist


Charl Goussard, his wife and daughter live in Cape Town, South Africa. His first year at university he ended up with a smoker as a roommate. At that stage he didn't smoke at all, and actually hated the smell. So his poor friend was forbidden from smoking in the room. One day they were chatting about smoking, when he tolds him that he'll never smoke cigarettes, but maybe pipe, because at least it smells nice. So, off his friend went and duly bought himself a pipe so that he could smoke in the room. That was the start of his fascination with pipe smoking. Needless to say, they are still the best of friends! That is, his and pipes, and his and his dear friend, Andreas!


Ever since the very first pipe he mades at 2007, he fells in love with the art of pipe making. He is sure his wife will tell you that he eats, sleeps and drinks pipes! "It is a wonderful experience to create something graceful, flowing and beautiful from a block of wood. The result never fails to astonish me. I hope you will enjoy my pipes as much as I enjoyed making them, and that it will become as good a friend as me and my first year roommate!" Charl Goussard said.


In the case of metreial, he mostly uses Italian briar from Mimmo ar Romeo's briar. Regarding the mouthpiece he applies ebonite and acrylic.