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Price: € 380
HJ-111-003 HJ-111-003 HJ-111-003 HJ-111-003 HJ-111-003 HJ-111-003
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About the Item



About the Artist

Sergey Rusak was born in latvia in 1976. Professional master working with a tree, who was lucky to learn the secrets of the old masters. Learned from the real gurus of this business, adopting the experience of generations. This is noticeable in his unique products, ideas for which he draws straight from his imagination.


His work come "from the heart." The artist who never uses templates, does not draw sketches for pipes. He just pick up a piece of wood and cut off all unnecessary. In the process, just fantasy and tree itself is contributing adjustments. This is how the form and presentation of the future pipe decoration appears. Perhaps that old experience and true vocation is helping to this master. Still in 1992 decided to study in carpentry school, many professional principles were opened to Sergey in working with wood. At that time, he learned to feel the wood in his hands, to understand the features of work, handle it without using of machines. In the fourth year of study the first pipe from cherry was created. The master does not make copies of his pipes which are ordered. Therefore, if you like this one handmade pipe - it is better to pick up immediately, while it`s available.



In difficult times, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, he recalled the Masters passed experience, his love of working with wood and decided to seriously engage in the manufacture of pipes.


Limited production of pipes – about 10-30 pipes per year. At the same time, it is important to give plenty of time to each product and bring the pipe to the ideal. Each pipe has its value and meaning. It always get`s an individual character, an unusual look and shape. Every detail is important.


Only European materials of excellent quality are used to give originality, beauty and style is applied by using non-standard jewelry. Sergey loves to experiment! Therefore, every time something new and unique appears in his hands. Pipes are quickly finding their owners.