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Price: € 480
HJ-10-012 HJ-10-012 HJ-10-012 HJ-10-012 HJ-10-012 HJ-10-012
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About the Item



About the Artist

Sergey Cherepanov lives in Moscow, Russia. He studied ad Nikopolskiv Metallurgical at Technical Secondary School. He starts carving briar smoking pipes at 2006 and soon his wok became one of the top quality smoking pipes in Russia. Since that time the artisan designed, carved and created alot of very interesting briar smoking pipes which already found their Place all around the world. His close friends Mikhail Revyagin and Victor Yashtylov had an important role to develop his Idea and carrier as a professoinal pipe maker. Now after 10 years non-stop experiencing in carving the Briar, his works are standing on the high rank on the world and speak for themselves. He goes that far in the carving of the Pipe that he even teach his younger brother Andrey to be a professional pipe maker. Recently these two brother are carving the very high grade smoking pipe which amaze the minds and fascinated the eyes.