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Price: € 285
HJ-116-006 HJ-116-006 HJ-116-006 HJ-116-006 HJ-116-006 HJ-116-006
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About the Item



About the Artist


Tomislav Ricov, is an IT engineer from Croatia, currently doing home furniture and kitchens, opening a firm for that, so he makes pipes as a hobby. He usually and preferably uses briar, he also have olive wood in abundance, since the island he lives on is famous for old olive gardens. He has no master because all of them are really far away from me, so all knowledge he got was watching and studying videos on YouTube, asking on forums and they were really helpful. He also learned a lot on my own mistakes.


He started making pipes early 2019. When he realized that instead of buying expensive pipes, he would make himself some nice "expensive looking" pipes and start smoking them and he came to a conclusion, that he might make some money while doing it. He always had a knack for artistry and he really love hand made wooden things and he started to really enjoy pipe making as he has a great passion for it.