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About the Item




Firstly, this pipe kit amazes the eyes by the perfect harmony of color, form and design. All elements in this kit are perfectly proportioned in such an excellent relation as an engineer arranges them. Perfect shaping of bowl together with long bamboo extension makes the pipe very dynamic. Pipe, pipe stand, tamper and even leather punch are wisely designed and chosen by this artisan. 


The structure of the Bowl remembers the shape of a Heart. Here, Domagoj rightly designed a place for thumb on the Top of the Bowl, so that the thumb can easily lay on the top of the Bowl. So, on the Bowl's top there is a curved V Shape for this purpose. Interestingly, another curved line appears in the Bamboo. He carefully selected the curve bamboo to amplify the curved shape of the Bowl. Not only the pipe, but also the pipe stand is designed in a fantastic way to support this idea. The stand is composed of Bamboo and Olive Wood and it also has a nice curved line in the middle.


One step further, the artisan prepared the bamboo tamper with Steel insertion. To complete his masterpiece, he adds a nice Olive-Color Leather Punch to the set. All and all this stunning creation brings the strong inspiration, good technique, perfect deign and nice finish in to the front as one set.


About the Artist


Domagoj Telisman is the person behind Dotterpipes pipe brand. The name Dotter was coined from the first letters of his name and surname, and it is sort of a nickname that has been with him for a long time. Lots of people know him by that name so it seemed only natural to attach it to his handmade pipes.


He has always been very passionate about pipes and it soon became more than just a hobby to him. Ever since he started smoking his dad's old pipes in 1997, he felt there is something more to it than simple pipe smoking. He started with handmade pipes in 2006, after an amazing beach encounter with a German pipe maker Norbert Riemer. He stumbled across Norbert while he was working on one of his pipes on the beach. He was more than friendly as he spoke to him about pipes, pipe making, briar, about shapes, etc... Those 2 hours with him simply flew by in most interesting conversation. That experience changed his view about pipes, pipe making, pipe smoking and so he became deeply interested in making his own pipes.

Immediately after that summer vacation ended he started learning and soaking up every bit of information from the articles he found on the Internet. He had spent many hours looking at workshop photos from other pipe makers, trying to see what kind of tools they use, what kind of machines they work on and how they make certain things on their pipes. He is self-taught, having learnt mostly from his own mistakes and successes at first, and later from the correspondence with senior pipe makers, who have become dear colleagues and friends to him.

After he had made his first 30 pipes, which have been smoked only by him, he started stamping his pipes with the DOTTER stamp. Lots of his pipes were gifts to his dear pipe smoking friends, mostly from the Piperson Pipe Club, which he is also a member of. Their comments on his pipes have been valuable, as much as their advice on design and engineering.Shortly after, I started selling my own handmade briar and olivewood pipes.


Being a graphic designer, he has always loved doing creative stuff, and he has always tried to express himself through different materials and media. he has learnt that expressing his creativity through pipe making is something that relaxes and fulfills him. Recently, he has a small workshop in Zagreb - the capital of Croatia. He is constantly trying to improve his work place with new tools and new creative solutions. "Nowadays, I use mostly briar and olivewood in making pipes, sometimes bog oak (morta), strawberry tree or some other materials. My pipes come in smooth or rustic finishes. Sandblasting setup is being prepared", he said. Dotter's pipes have found their satisfied owners all over the world.